Character Labrador


The STANDARD which describes the ideal labrador says according to this topic:

Good-natured, very agile. Excellent nose, soft mouth, keen lover of water. Adaptable, devoted companion. Intelligent, keen and biddable, with a strong will to please. Kindly nature, with no trace of aggression or undue shyness.


So what does this mean exactly?

A typical labrador is good-natured, which means he is very friendly to foreign people as well as to children and other animals. But this does not mean you can leave him alone with small children (because you should never do this with any dog). Throughout the first months of his life he has to gather a good socialisation starting with his breeder and then going on with his new owner. From young age onwards a labrador should be taken with you as often as possible to get to know lots of new things, so he is not barred from his environment. Living close together with „his“ humans he will develop to an adaptable companion who likes nothing more than spending as much time as possible together with you.

A typical labrador is very agile, so he is not a sleeping pill on four legs. As an adult dog he needs lots of exercise and is not a dog for keeping the whole day in a kennel. He is also not the kind of dog for keeping him alone for many hours.

Because of his water-loving character his master should give  him the possibility to go for a swim a couple of times over the year.

As a result of a long selection for hunting qualitites the labrador has an excellent nose which smells the smallest scent trails and a soft mouth for retrieving wild animals or other things back safe to his master. He likes to learn and is attentive, always observing his master and is happy for every compliment he gets. This educability and joy of working is not just useable for hunting or working but also as a family dog:  unchallenged dogs whose working aptitude is not used seem to develop undesired habits.

Every kind of aggression or sting because of dominant or anxious behaviour or shyness is not accepted in the labrador. A labrador is a dog to touch. Even a foreign person have to be able to touch and pet him (but always ask the owner first, this is good manner!) without being anxious about one s health.

Distinct suspicion, which distinguishes a good guard dog, is also strange for this breed. If you are looking for a watchdog or guardian of house and farm there are much more suitable breeds for this – a labrador from a serious breeding would be a mistake for this area of duties.

The character judges of the LCD undergo a long qualification period and are prepared for working in germany every weekend for judging the character of future studdogs in different situations: calm situations, in contact with friendly people and under different optical and acoustic influences. This qualified character evaluation before their first use as a studdog is an impotant point in the breeding of labradors in the LCD. Other points are the health-examinations and the conformation score by a breed judge. Character evaluation dates are published regularly; interested assistants and visitors are always welcome!

Source : LCD