The puppies thrive and grow, Joy is a super mom and serves all really good.

Yesterday I had been the first time cut the claws because growing very strongly at that age.





The puppies are now 3 days old. They have a lot of pigment.





Puppies and mom are doing well , all of them have increased.



We are happy and proud to announce the arrival of our beautiful puppies after Dexter (Penaras American Rebell) and Joy (Escudo Dolbia Moonlight Shadow)! The 5 biys and 2 girls were born yesterday on 20.12.2014. Both the pups and mommy Joy are doing fine !



We wish you a beautiful christmas season !



Yesterday we were with our Joy to the ultrasound ,

She is pregnant and we expect the puppies just before Christmas 🙂

 If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please call us ,

or send us an e – mail with your address and phone number ,

we will then contact you .



I wish our B -litter a beautiful 1st birthday 🙂



Today we were the second time to meet  the beautiful male

Penara American Rebel with our Joy.

We hope that the meeting is not without consequences 🙂

Fingers Crossed 🙂


18.10 . and 19.10.14

Lennox on his second show in Dortmund

on the first day he got a very good rating and a promising (V)

on the second day he was also again a very good rating and a very promising(VV)

Many thanks to Frauke  for handling him :).



Our A-litter is now already 2 years old how fast time flies :).

I wish everyone happy 2nd Birthday !!!



VDH Exhibition in Gießen

Lennox has mastered his first exhibition very well 🙂

He got a nice report and could occupy the third place in the puppy class

and has get a very promising.

Sunny has also got a great report and in the open class

Occupied the third place with Excellent 🙂

Thanks to Frauke and Achim for the handling 🙂



Day of the dog in Gehlert 🙂

A beautiful day with puppy meeting of the A and B litter

Unfortunately not everyone was able to come.



All puppies have found a new home now 🙂



Slowly peace returns in the puppy room !

one  girl is still there, otherwise all puppies have moved to their new home

Wisnerofanc Born To Be A Dancer Buddy ( now Rocky ) 🙂

 Wisnerofanc Born to Love Bonita ( now Amy )

with her half- sister  🙂

Wisnerofanc All You Need Is Love ( now Paula )



Wisnerofanc Born To Boogie Barneby ( now Emil)

with his new friend Balu 🙂


Wisnerofanc Born To be Wild Black Betty ( now Stella )

with her new friends 🙂



Wisnerofanc Born With A Smile Bella 🙂