About us

With my dogs I live on the edge of the „Westerwald“, in a little town called „Wissen“.

The town of Wissen (approved climatic spa) is located in a mainly arboreous hillside between Westerwald and siegerland and was firstly named in 1048 with the name of „WISNEROFANC“. From this our kennel name derives.


Impressions of our town:



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My deceased husband grew up with dogs, but they were of smaller size as we own today: they had long-haired Dachhunds and Cocker Spaniels.

Since the beginning of my childhood I always wanted a faithful companion but since my mother has an allergy and no one could tell wether if it is caused by animal hair or anything else, I did not get my wish permitted. But I tried to get in contact with my neighbours dogs and lateron to even get the permission to go for a walk with them :).

When I moved in with my husband my wish for a dog occured again. But since back then we still lived for rent it had to be a small dog although I already lost my heart on the labrador breed.

But  I thought better a small dog then none and this is when in 1993 our long-haired Dachshund „Raudi“ moved in.

After we bought and renovated our own house after our own wishes in 1999 I had a look on lots of different homepages and finally in 2008 we found the kennel „vom Escher See“ in Cologne where we finaly got our first labrador: Our beloved bitch „Luna“ (Desteny Dana vom Escher See).

Thank you Elke and Michael so much for this wonderful and lovely bitch!

Sadly one year later after a serious disease at the age of 15 years we had to let our „Raudi“ go over the rainbow bridge and we still miss your little charmer so much and we will never forget him.

Because we did not want to let our Luna alone in 2010 we got our „Joy“ (Escudo Dolbia Moonlight Shadow) from kennel „Escudo“, breeder Michal Tuliszewski.

Thank you Michal for this lovely bitch too!

In 2012, we finally had our A-litter

Since 2008 we are member of the LCD, which is member of the Jagdgebrauchshundeverband e.V. and both are members of the VDH and FCI.